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  What does AMS do?

  How do you do it? What resources do you have here in Thailand (people, parts)?

  What medical equipment are you responsible for? Even surgical equipment?

  What do you actually do in the hospital?

  How can AMS save hospitals money?

  Who are your customers?

  Can AMS staff maintain and repair all the types of equipment in the hospital?

  How many people do you put at our hospital? What about evenings, weekends and holidays, do you support us then?

  We have some equipment that is broken right now – can you fix this equipment for us – before the audit or MAM contract?

  Your service looks very good – but I do not think that we can afford your services. How much do your customers pay you?

  What is your company's relationship with the equipment suppliers? Will they work with you? Do they sell you parts? Are they your competitors?

  How important is it to perform planned maintenance and insure that the medical equipment is properly calibrated when needed?

  How do I know what medical equipment needs to be included in my hospitals Medical Equipment Management Plan (MEMP)?

  How often does my medical equipment need to have Planned Maintenance performed on it?

  What are the components of Planned Maintenance?

  How does ISO certification relate to my Hospital? Isn't HA enough?

  What is the difference between Corrective Maintenance (CM) and Planned Maintenance (PM)?

  Do I need a calibration certificate each time you do Planned Maintenance on my medical equipment?

  What is ECRI?

  What is JCI?

  Is a replacement part from a non-OEM okay?

  If something breaks and you can't fix it, what do you do?

  If something breaks and it cannot be repaired by anyone, what happens? Do you buy us a new one?

  If someone drops an infusion pump and it breaks beyond repair, do you buy us a new one?

  Currently we have equipment under service contract and use the suppliers for the work you are proposing. What happens after we hire you? Do we have to pay both AMS and the supplier?

  What if we hire you and then next year decide that we no longer want you – will the suppliers support us again?

  If our MRI has failed, how can you assure us that it will be repaired in a reasonable amount of time? How long will it take for you to get it repaired?

  If a piece of revenue generating equipment is not working for many days, what kind of protection do you provide against lost profits and damage to my reputation?

  What happens when we buy a new piece of equipment? Do you cover it? At what cost?

  How can we be sure that when you fix something that it will perform to the manufacturer's specifications?

  You say you will be recommending changes to the hospital environment (temperature, humidity, etc.). If you recommend that we need additional air conditioning in our radiology department, do you pay for it? What if we don't have the money to make the modifications AMS suggests?

  What if we only have one unit of a particular device and it needs repair? Do you have spare equipment that we can borrow until our own device is returned?

  Do you have stocks of parts?

  What if it takes you longer than your guaranteed repair time to fix a device? Is the hospital compensated?

  How can we know about your service performance and quality before purchasing your service? Can we try your services for just one department of our hospital first and then see how it works out?

  How can we trust that you don't get any commission from suppliers through your suggestions on purchasing new equipment? Do you sell equipment yourself?

  Do you continue training our staff untill they are sufficiently skilled to operate the medical equipment?

  How do you allocate technicians, considering the variety of equipment under management?

  Why does the contract have to be for five years? What would happen if we want to cancel the service before that?

  How much of our equipment should be covered by insurance?

  Can you help us in getting Hospital Accreditation Thailand Certification?

  What is ISO 9000?

  What happens if AMS goes out of business?

  We already have an engineering department that is doing what you want to do, and our nurses call the suppliers when things break. How is what you are proposing different, or better for us?

  What software do you use – can we buy it from you (or get a copy?)