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Why should you choose Asset Management Systems as your partner to manage your medical hi-technology? 

  Our People – the largest team of biomedical engineers in Thailand

  Experience – we have been providing medical asset management services in Thailand for over 14 years

  Independence – we are not owned by a hospital group and do not sell medical equipment

  Guaranteed Performance – we provide you your money back if we do not meet our performance targets

  International Quality Management Systems – we are ISO 9001:2008 certified

  Healthcare Quality Management Systems – compliant with Hosptial Accreditation Thailand and JCI

  Greater Efficiency – we manage your medical hi-technology so your clinical staff can treat patients

  24 x 7 Call Center – to report service needs

  Comprehensive Reporting – of medical hi-technology performance metrics

  Web-based Inventory Control – allows for real-time access to your equipment information