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Equipment Repair Center Services


Mobile Repair Services

Smaller hospitals, and those with limited IPD and OPD throughput, may not require Asset Management Systems' comprehensive Integrated Medical Asset Management services. For these hospitals we have a different solution – Mobile Repair Services. Our Mobile Service customers receive the same world-class standard of service as our Integrated MAM services, but on a regularly scheduled basis. A mobile team of biomedical engineers and technicians will visit your facilities periodically to provide planned maintenance and repair services. All of the inventory in your hospital will be maintained in our Asset Icon database and calls for service can be entered on-line and recorded in anticipation of the mobile team's visit. Once the planned maintenance and repairs have been undertaken, our engineers will record the work that was done in Asset Icon for future reference. Should your hospitals' needs change, our mobile service can be upgraded to our on-site Integrated Medical Asset Management services at any time.

Dental Handpiece & Unit Repairs Services

AMS offers the dental departments of hospitals and stand alone clinics a dedicated depot for the repair of dental hand pieces as well as engineers for the on-site repair of dental units and other accessories. 

We can offer a comprehensive dental hand piece management solution where we ensure that you will never have a hand piece fail on you while working on a patient.  We will purchase all of your hand pieces and proactively replace high wear components on a regularly scheduled basis before they fail, ensuring that you can efficiently service your patients without costly and frustrating disruptions.

Dentist Chair

Endoscope Repairs Services

AMS offers surgical departments of hospitals and stand alone surgical centers a dedicated depot for the repair of rigid and flexible endoscopes.  Our trained technicians can provide first-line preventative maintenance and repair of your endoscopes and associated equipment.  We will pick up the equipment at your facility and return it once the repairs are complete.  All repairs come with a limited warranty.

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