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Our Expertise

​Integrated healthcare Technology Management Services

  • One contract for the management of all healthcare technology

  • One number to call whenever service is required 24 Hrs services 

  • One vendor taking full responsibility for    the operational performance of BME

  • One vendor to manage financial and operational risk of medical assets

  • Mobile Access to Cloud-based CMS on  any authorized mobile device or remotely

  • Calibration Certificate immediate issuance

  • Benchmarking against best practice

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Medical Asset Management


With our advanced computer systems, you can access the status of repairs, work-orders, KPIs, and maintenance in real-time.

Maintenance, Calibration, & Repairs
OEM and AEM PM, Procedures & ISO 9001 : 2015
and ISO 17025 : 2008 Calibration Procedures
Technology Planning


We offer technology consulting for new projects and expansions, with strategic advice from industry experts.

Quality & Risk Management


We have enabled more hospitals in Thailand to acheive HA and JCI accreditation than any other independent service provider.

User Training


We offer customized training programs to help reduce medical equipment misuse and equipment failure.

Planning & Purchasing


We offer solutions to maximize device efficiency, with customized equipment replacement plans and unbiased purchasing advice.

Inventory Management


We offer medical asset inventory database preparation, medical equipment pool management & cloud-based inventory database

Risk Management


We offer real time medical device

Hazard Alert & Recall Notification and recall system (based on ECRI Institute and USFDA data)

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