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Preventative Maintenance & Calibration

The increased emphasis on ISO 9001, HA and JCI certification by hospitals in Asia has led to a significant demand for calibration and associated documentation services.  AMS provides complete medical device calibration services for a wide range of medical technology.  If your hospital wishes to become ISO 9001, HA or JCI accredited, AMS' specialists, trained in planned maintenance, calibration procedures and world-class calibrated test equipment, are experienced and equipped to support you.

We manage all Performance Verification (PV), Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance (PM and SM), Safety Testing (ST) and Calibrations.  We perform these tests, make adjustments, replace PM kits and undertake repairs, as necessary, to ensure your medical hi-technology is performing to manufacturers' specifications and in compliance with manufacturer and international healthcare quality management guidelines, such as ISO, HA and JCI.

  • Optimize healthcare technology resources to maximize profitability

  • Extend the useful lifespan of your medical devices

  • Decrease device turnaround time

  • Avoid costly emergency repairs

  • Reduce risk and ensure patient safety

  • Decrease equipment failure and malfunctions

  • Ensure accurate diagnostic results

  • Avoid medical emergencies related to equipment


100% Standards Compliance

•We ensure your Medical Equipment Management Plan (MEMP) complies with the preventive maintenance standard of HA, JCI, DNV GL and GVA

•AMS is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and our engineers and technicians are trained and equipped to support you

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