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Asset Management Systems is the first independent healthcare technology management (HTM) company in all of Asia. We are pioneers of our industry, committed to innovation and the development of both ourselves and those who we serve. Asset Management Systems has changed the landscape of healthcare in Asia since its founding in 1996, setting a new standard for hospital safety and efficiency since its early beginnings. We are constantly raising expectations for ourselves, and since our founding, healthcare in Thailand has been forever changed for the better. We were created on the principle that we wanted more for our clients, rather than simply achieving the bare minimum for hospital compliance. This is why at AMS we strive to consistently raise the bar, helping us to remain the market leader of our industry for the past twenty years. Because of our leadership in the industry and our inherent pioneering nature, we have more experience in our market than any other HTM company in Asia. This explains why we have the highest customer satisfaction rate amongst our competitors and consistently outperform those in our market, with each and every one of our customers seeing outstanding results.

Who We Are 

Asset Management Systems is the leading provider of world-class medical hi-technology management solutions for the healthcare industry in Thailand.  Founded in 1996 as Asia Bio Systems, we were the first independent healthcare technology management company

to provide service in Asia and have consistently held the position of market leader in Thailand since.  The name was changed to Asset Management Systems in 2005, but the world-class, wholly Thai-owned and managed staff and services have remained intact. 

We excel at assisting hospital and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) executives and management improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations by optimizing the use of their medical hi-technology assets; ensuring compliance with international standards of healthcare quality assurance, such as ISO 9001:2015 Repair and Maintenance Medical Equipment Hospital Accreditation – Thailand (HA) and the Joint Commission International (JCI); and enhancing patient safety.  AMS is promoted by Thailand's Board of Investment (BoI) and is independent of ownership by any hospital group or medical equipment manufacturer or supplier.


Why should you choose Asset Management Systems as your partner to manage your medical hi-technology?  

Our People – the largest team of biomedical engineers in Thailand

Experience – we have been providing medical asset management services in Thailand for over 14 years

Guaranteed Performance – we provide you your money back if we do not meet our performance targets

International Quality Management Systems – we are ISO 9001:2015 certified

Healthcare Quality Management Systems – compliant with Hospital Accreditation Thailand and JCI

Greater Efficiency – we manage your medical hi-technology so your clinical staff can treat patients

24 x 7 Call Center – to report service needs

Comprehensive Reporting – of medical hi-technology performance metrics

Web Based Inventory Control – allows for real-time access to your equipment information

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